Former Scientist at ISRO & rtd. Asso. Profe. of E&C Engg. I am a writer of songs & small comical stories in four languages namely Kannada, English, Hindi and Telugu from 22 yrs. I can do translations, proofreadings and copy editing, copywriting, copy typing, content writing, in Kannada, English, Telugu and Hindi. I am putting my articles on SM sites from two years and have developed more than 5000 friends on FB & 557 followers, 6024 connections & 6292 followers on LinkedIn & like this my articles go to 5 websites from Wordpress blog including Twitter, Google+ and tumblr. Given the programmes on TV. Published books. I have received 11 awards also, for my literature work. I have received around 45 prizes in poetry competitions. Some two hundred articles have been published in magazines, newspapers & federal collection of poems.