Wade Stewart

My varied skill set is from having my own computer services business. I've had to adopt many different skills to be successful. First I learned much of what I know because I couldn't afford for someone else to do it. Later, I needed to learn more in-depth details so I knew how to relate with the people that I hired to do the work. I do my own writing, images, web development, and much more. I have studied many contemporary marketing strategies for different kinds of business, both for myself and others. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing (MailChimp), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), are just a few of the methods I've found success with. I have supported professional services firms, trainers & coaches, authors, and retailers. I'm now diversifying my income, so I'm sharing some of these skills here. I very much enjoy marketing, it's something I'm good at and I have done well. Helping others achieve their marketing goals is something that appeals to me. - Technology Consulting & Purchasing 25+ years - Web Development & SEO 10 years - Sharepoint Development 10 years - Graphic Design 5 years I have self-managed several development projects including Websites, SharePoint, and several Active Directory, Exchange and SQL server migrations. In larger client infrastructures I've managed a team to do these same projects. As a IT Services business owner I purchase over $50,000 in technology inventory annually and can provide advice on features, manufacturers and price on a number of different items including desktops, laptops, networking devices and servers. For all my clients I can provide business continuity plans to safeguard the survival of businesses. Identifying weaknesses, managing resources, and creating contingency plans for minimal operational interruptions. My style is practical, measured, and researched.