Art Lemon

Art Lemon is an enthusiastic team of 55+ skilled professionals based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We take out the core idea, twist it, shape, polish, bend, sometimes melt it and here you get the product you always wanted to have. P.S. Whenever you are in Kharkiv, visit our office. Have a cup of tea with us. If it is Friday evening, well, you can grab a bear, we don't mind. Our field of expertise: - Custom website and app design - Website Implementation - Creative advertising CMS: - Wordpress - MODx - OpenCart Front-end development: - HTML (HTML5, HTML4.1, XHTML) - CSS (CSS3, CSS2.0) - HTML Preprocessor (Jade, HAML, EJS, Slim) - Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation) - CSS preprocessors (SaaS, Less, PostCSS) - Dynamic web pages and client-side scripting (JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS) Our Behance: See us on Facebook:


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