Patrick S

I am a visionary and entrepreneur. I am defining our ecosystem to be resilient, sustainable and appropriately considerate to all other ecosystems. With this vision in mind i approach any idea i choose to develop with 5 interrelated components; collaboration, workspace, resources, data, and systems. Every idea i choose to develop is defined as a project. Each of the 5 above components are evolving projects prompting more evolving projects. My mission is to evolve myself along with our ecosystem. To do this i need workspaces (material and virtual), to develop best practices for obtaining , processing using material resourcefully and respective of values. I need a team of interdisciplined people that share my values and can help build systems to collect data and put it into context. We will listen to feedback and build better workspaces, improve resource sources, clarify and make collaboration practices more intuitive and continue to evolve systems that effectively support all of this. I myself need to work on my transparency and collaboration systems. I'm in a small northern canadian town and could really use a virtual assistant as a start. But anyone who thinks they can help please hit me up.

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Excellent to Work For

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Would work for again.

Amberle W about 4 years ago

I can definitely recommend this person!