I will create a highly targeted network for you on Linkedin by sending 3,000 niche connection invitations and 1k sales messages on Linkedin for $650

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This service will not only generate leads but it will give you a massively targeted network of 1st level connections in your industry (or industries) of choice. By the end of the campaign you will have a network of at least 1,000 1st level connections as well as a daily inflow of leads that are specifically interested in learning more about your business.

This is not a class or a mentoring session! This is a 100% turn-key service that can commercially harvest REAL leads on Linkedin. We have generated over 80,000 targeted connections for our clients since 2012. Imagine being able to send a message any time you want to 1,000 people in your target industry that have the ability and authority to purchase your service.

This is just the beginning, but don't be fooled into thinking that you can hire one person to do this task. It really does take a team with specific skills and tools for the job. This is what we provide. Over the last three years I have put together scientific method of Linkedin marketing AND an incredible team of Linkedin specialists that will be working for you to identify your ideal market, connect your company with as many of these people as possible within a 45-60 day time period and then turn them into real leads with a specific interest in your service.

Dave Naranjo http://meetme.so/linkedindave

Use the link above to schedule a time to speak with me.

What is included

  • Expert Level Linkedin Prospecting
  • 3,000 connection invitations sent within a 45 day time period
  • 1,000 sales/ marketing messages
  • Professional consultation
  • Profile Building and Optimization
  • Detailed Market Analysis
  • Daily Reporting and Statistics

What is not included

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I provide Linkedin prospecting and lead generation services. If you can see the value of connecting with thousands of targeted decision makers in your industry and understand why it is necessary to have a skilled team of people do this for you, then we should talk. My service has been able to very successfully create over 80,000 1st level connections for our clients and their sales teams. We are able to create connections with people in virtually any targeted industry including: IT, SaaS, Web Design, Marketing, Finance, Banking, etc. Additionally, We can create a targeted connection network for you based on titles such as Authors, Musicians, Directors, Publishers, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors and more. We do not offer a class on how to connect with people yourself. We offer a commercial organization that is capable of harvesting connections on a mass scale while also adhering to Linkedin's terms and conditions. Over the last three years I have developed an outstanding team that is dedicated to knowing every aspect of how to use Linkedin to create opt-in lists and leads. Please contact me for details. You can use the link below to set up a time to speak with me. I look forward to hearing from you. http://meetme.so/linkedindave

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