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If you plan to build a site or even if you have a site already, you must target the proper keywords.

There are many potential clients waiting to buy your products and they don't know you. Are you going to do something about this?

The best thing is to target the right keywords that your competition doesn't even know! Maybe you need some ideas about your future product or you plan to create an information site but you don't know which are the best articles that you need to write.

You will get a great keyword list with many hidden gems which cannot be found in Google Planner because they are hiding from you over 50% of potential free traffic!

People come up with new ways to search for the same thing, every single day and because of this Google's tool doesn't get all the picture.

We are digging very deep to discover the best keywords which will bring laser targeted traffic to your sites.

Having a list of low competition, high converting keywords that get searched is the best thing if you plan to do SEO for your sites!


Besides other methods, we are using a very powerful software called Ant Pugilist Gold (Rapunzel) which costs $997 one time payment and $27/month. This software combines sophisticated algorithms to discover and validate the best niches with great keywords to target.


What is included

  • List of best keywords to target in excel format.

What is not included

  • SEO
  • Adwords
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Thank you so far...:-)God work


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