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I can write essays and research papers on a very broad range of topics, while maintaining the highest caliber of quality. Each assignment will be handwritten by myself, and will be 100% original. I am highly qualified, and have a Bachelor’s degree from a US State University, an Associates of Business, and many other certifications and licensures. I am highly versed in MLA and APA formatting with in-text citations, and a works cited page. I have access to scholarly journals and databases. If you want a question answered in regards to whether or not I can do an assignment for you,just send me a message and I will respond ASAP.


  1. Get in contact with me with all the assignment details, rubrics or grading structure, and a due date.
  2. Be as specific as possible (numbers of pages, specific content requests, citation requests, or any additional information).
  3. I will evaluate the assignment, its difficulty, length, time consumption, etc. And if everything is copacetic, I will then promise a completion date.

Ballpark Costs: $15.00 for every double spaced University level page

Friend Referrals: One page free on your next paper.

What is included

  • 1, cover page
  • 2, Abstract
  • 3, 270 words a page
  • 4,Reference Page

What is not included

  • Although I would like to think that I would produce an A quality paper for every client and subject matter I am not a robot, I cannot promise a certain grade as grading is highly subjective. That being said, I will not do paper concerning foreign languages.
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Are you perturbed by spelling and punctuation? Are you puzzled by contraction, exasperated with the use of the Apostrophe, or often get mixed up with the application of the colon and semicolon? Well, you are not alone; it seems that fewer and fewer people can write. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of instructors, TAs, and professors who can read, and they'll spot a gaffe from a mile off. And this implies that you have to be 100% sure of the work you submit for grading. Fortunately, I can help. I am a freelance writer/editor with a 6-year experience in academic writing, editing, and research. I am able to collate and analyze data and factual evidence efficiently. Furthermore, I have access to a variety of online research databases such as LexisNexis, JSTOR, Proquest and EBSCOhost. I am also conversant in all the formatting styles including Chicago, MLA, APA and Harvard. I pride myself on an uncompromising work ethic and a dedication to providing service of the highest quality for my clients. All my work is 100% original and I guarantee on-time delivery at all times. Hit me up, and let us work together in getting you the A+ you deserve.

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