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Hi There, I can do Linkedin Lead Generation Work for you. In addition to this, I can do Linkedin message marketing work.

I use following tools to generate leads for business email and phone numbers.

  1. Name2email extension
  2. full contact extension.
  3. Linkedin Sales Navigator tool.
  4. saleslift.io for linkedin lead generation purpose.
  5. Clearbit extension to find out company domain.
  6. Email extractor software to find out email from company website.
  7. Hunter.io to find out the way companies are creating their peoples email address.
  8. Connectifier social linkes extension to see the hiding names in linkedin.
  9. lusha.co to find out email address.
  10. nymeria.io to find out email address.
  11. I know how to use E-grabber.
  12. I know how to find out hidden people in Linkedin search.
  13. Locksmith for Linkedin
  14. LeadIQ Lead Capture.
  15. Linkedin Member : sometimes you will see linkedin member but no name mentioned. In that case, I am available to find out that name. I know five techniques to find the specific name. To verify the email address I will use mailtester extension, emailvalidator.co, https://www.verifyemailaddress.org/fr/#result%20for%20instance, sometimes google. I believe my skills will be ideal for your project. I hope You will give me the opportunity to do the job.

Beside, above mentioned Linkedin Lead Generation work, I have following skills

  • Lead Generation
  • Ad Posting on Craiglist (Service offered>skilled Trade Services), I can work on Teamviewer, Anydesk
  • Email & Marketing Automation (MailChimp, E-Goi, SendGrid, Aweber)
  • Email Writing
  • Email List Building (First name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Address)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Product Upload on e commerce sites
  • Online Research
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Typing speed is 50 word per min
  • Web Scraping
  • Data mining
  • Domain search for sale (I am familiar with https://www.whois.com/whois/)
  • Microsoft Excel (Preparing Attendance and Salary Sheet, Vlookup & Pivot Table)
  • Converting file from pdf to excel or word

Thank You Muhammad Asfaqul Islam

What is included

  • Linkedin Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Linkedin Message Marketing

What is not included

  • Sales Navigator.
Muhammad Asfaqul I

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Thank you for viewing my profile. I have experience in risk and compliance over five years. In the recent two years I gathered experience in Team Management Skills. I can solve small business problems as well as I have capability to develop any business to higher expansion.I am proficient in using the techniques of search engines, forums and so on. Moreover, I have experience in writing content, skilled in MS Excel, MS Word & MS PowerPoint . I can bring value to your business. I am an specialist on Data Entry, Email Marketing, Power Point Presentation, Social Media Management and Marketing, Web Research, Researching about companies and finding relevant information, Researching about companies high profile entities, Cleaning-up Excel Spreadsheet (merged cells, separate, and reconciling of data entries), Mailing list development, Internet marketing such Facebook Likes, Twitter, Google+ , Conversion of files from-to different formats, Other tasks related to online research and data entry.

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