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I will write articles for your personal blog. All you have to do is give me the subject and some additional information on which area's I should focus on when I do the research for the article. That will be all and I will provide you with your article within the shortest possible amount of time within my capailities. I am a college student with a lot of free time and experience in this field.

What is included

  • A written article about a given topic and the price might fluctuate depending on the length of the article.
  • Payment has to be processed once the task has been completed via Paypal.

What is not included

  • I will try to provide any service within my capabilities.

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My name is Ahmed Hussain. I am an Aircraft engineering student. I have lots of free time and hence I will be providing services such as data entry, web research, transcribing, fluent working with Microsoft office programs and graphic designing up to some extent.I also provide other services depending on the customer and my availability, upon request. I am also fluent in English, and I have a talent for typing. So If there is any need for any sort of jobs that require 'typing' then certainly I am the person you are looking for.

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