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Vid-ebook is a combination product which is better than just a plain ebook because your readers will also have video resources they can click on and see added content without leaving the ebook!

This provides MASSIVE VALUE and represents the most powerful product and marketing tool ever devised!

Upon your order, I will ask you a couple of questions in order to know what niche you want your vid-ebook to address and I will ask for a title in case you have a specific one in mind.

I will then create an exe file (downloadable executable file) which will contain the ebook as a pdf and with the same shell, the video and links will appear and be viewable without closing out of or changing to another window - MASSIVE VALUE!

I can use your own videos, and/or create videos for this vid-ebook.

I will create graphics to enhance the visual appeal and value of your new product. Graphics will also be incorporated within the videos I create for your project.

I will also add one website to your exe file so that your users can easily and immediately visit your website or any landing page you desire.

The product will be branded according to your specifications though the vid-ebook logo and url will always show on the top shell border since this is proprietary.

PDF will be co-authored by me unless you order 2 of this task and then your ebook will be modified as solely authored by you.

I will perform all research and writing in American English. All will be formatted and proofread to my high standards as a writer and professor - I will write for your target market, however.

After your exe file is completed, I will publish it to my exclusive sales funnel and viral platform for promotion by you and teams of virtual assistants who together with you will help you realize thousands of sales by the 6th month after publication.

Realize success with our exclusive method and enjoy INCOME from your unique product!

PDF, ebook, software, video ebook.

What is included

  • Sole ownership and copy of vid-ebook exe file.
  • Sole ownership and copy of pdf only file.
  • Copy of original odt (Open Office) document file for pdf.
  • Copy of any videos created for your project.

What is not included

  • Source code for vid-ebook.
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