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Having the right support and assistant can be pleasant especially with the management daily increasing official and personal tasks and needs. A good Assistant would savor the situation a way to relieve the master and proven result.

I can complete a number of administrative tasks and small projects for you within the hour. The tasks are as follow:

What is included

  • Email Management/Filtering
  • Answering telephone calls
  • Calendar Management
  • File Management (organizing files)
  • Talking to clients- booking appointments, keeping in contact etc
  • Hotel and Flight Booking
  • Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones / family members on-line)
  • Writing up minutes of meetings
  • Preparing Power-Point Presentations
  • Finance Administration
  • Creating and maintaining excel spreadsheets
  • Producing Invoices
  • Raising Purchase Orders
  • Tracking expenditure- income and outgoings
  • Managing budgets
  • Training administration
  • Helping staff with training and development options/courses
  • Managing Continuous Improvement projects
  • Managing Training budgets
  • Administrating large in house training courses
  • Recruitment
  • Data Entry and Copy Typing
  • Transcription (transcribing voice-mail, video or audio, pod-casts etc.)
  • Setting up Social Media Accounts (Face-book, Twitter, Linked-In, You-Tube)
  • Managing and updating Social Media Accounts

What is not included

  • Please Contact me for Custom Offer.

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Hi, "Why ask Why" from John Masson's book. If you know the right question, you would find the right answer. I am a professional internet Market with 8 years of marketing experience. Doing business with me gives you the assurance of delivery and timely also. I have worked in various fields ranging from: * Data Analyst, * Public Policy Planning and Analysis, *Project Management, *Database Architechture and Management, * Web Crawling and Bug Management, *Email Cleaning and Verification, * PowerPoint Presentation Design and Infographics *Forex Trading Tutoring and; * Crypto-currency Market advisory. I am here to give you the best value for your money and I promise you would thank me with a smile even at the first business. Cheers

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