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I am your Task Army for Data Entry and Web Research. How can I help you!

I am Vernette M. Terrado, B.S. Computer Science Graduate, currently I am free so I can give my service as data entry and web research full time. I am your Task Army, I can help you for any data entry and web research, I can work also in PDF editing I know how to use the adobe professionals, I have a knowledge in excel hyperlinks and excel application. Just give me the concrete information and example so that I can follow and do exactly what you want me to do and I will do the task for you....

I will promise that I will do all the best I can to performed my task correctly and accurately

What is included

  • Web Research

What is not included

  • Other than Data Entry and Web Research.
Vernette T

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Hi I am your Taskarmy! I am Vernette M. Terrado,Filipino, B.S. Computer Science, I can do Data Entry and Web Research, I can work full time in your given task. I joined taskarmy last 2014 and I do many task already but due to I transfer in other country I deactivated my account because of internet problem. But now I am here at my home country and I have a very good internet, I can rendered you my full time service and I will do all the best I can to do your given task correctly and accurately. I have strong knowledge in excel and msword and outlook, very good on web research, and a good background on database management and standard documentation. For 10 years, I have worked as an Data Entry Operator,Computer Operator & Document Controller. With my actual experience, I have learned to work independently and with less supervision, work in a fast-paced environment, deliver work before deadlines, and able to prioritize and manage multiple tasks at once. Thank you very much!

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