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Hi there! My name's Gabe Kahan—I'm a freelance writer.

Today's online marketing world demands SEO content to boost business visibility and create engaging branding. Let me help you create the content your website needs.

I'm a professional writer, which means I don't do $5 blog posts. So if you're looking for slave labor writing with a dozen typos and syntax errors, look elsewhere. I produce well-researched, high quality content. As a freelancer, I offer fast turnaround, adaptable voice, and reliable communication. Client satisfaction is my paramount goal, so if you're not pleased with my work I'm happy to make revisions, free of charge.

I've created SEO content for thought leaders, nonprofits, startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. I've worked on both short term projects and long term business ventures. Whether you're looking for 300 word byline articles on healthy living or 1200 word blog posts on business strategy, my writing will serve your needs.

Here's a few examples of topics I've covered in the past:

  • Business consulting and strategy
  • Personal growth and habit building
  • Exercise routines, dieting, and nutritional health
  • Healthcare and medical finances
  • Artist exhibitions and gallery shows
  • Yoga, meditation, and alternative medicine
  • Music and pop culture
  • Career development and success
  • Applied psychology and physiology

Check me out online at gabekahan.com

What is included

  • 300-2000 word SEO articles on any topic you nee
  • Free revisions based on client feedback (within reason)
  • Ghostwritten or with attribution
  • Optimized keywords, links, and photos
  • Well researched and proofread
  • Captivating headline

What is not included

  • Infinite or excessive revisions.

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Writers are the forerunners of cultural narrative. With the written word comes clarity, and with clarity comes action. As a freelance writer I am able to fight for a variety of missions—personal development, healthcare transparency, the evolution of modern artistry, and more. It has been deeply fulfilling to work with businesses, online newspapers, and blogs looking to accomplish real change and philanthropy. As a writer I help architect and compose byline articles, ebooks, blog posts, SEO writing, press releases, product descriptions, social media posts, listicles, and more. As an editor, I offer laser sharp proofreading and copyediting. Coming from the cutthroat world of journalism, I consistently meet deadlines ahead of schedule, delivering pristine final products.

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