I will manage any (1) existing Social Media account for (1) month for $60 per month

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Will manage any (1) existing social media account for (1) month:

Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Pinterest Blogger Instagram Tumblr Google +

What is included

  • Average: 10 daily of any of the following: Updates, comments, posts, and or images provided by client (Total: 300)

What is not included

  • Depending on social media account chosen, will not include:
  • Supplying fans/followers/likes/views to your account
  • Creating or setting up blogs
  • Podcasting or creating podcasts
  • Creating corporate or customised videos
  • Creating customised and detailed infographics
  • Online marketing activities (e.g. email marketing)
  • Developing new marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Developing social media strategies and or identifying KPIs
  • Carrying out social media audits
  • Creating, managing and monitoring any form of paid ads, e.g. Facebook ads

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I can provide quality social media management and graphic needs at an affordable cost. Quick and easy with limited amounts of downtime, after all time is money!  I can boost your website traffic through social media marketing, grow your site's fan base, promote engagement through comments, shares, likes, links, and followers, building your brand for online success. Build online communities that will generate you profits by establishing trust and providing content with value to your current and potential customers. With your social media marketing needs met, you can focus on taking care of your business needs at hand. SocialMediaNeeds@Outlook.com

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