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Do you have an existing Power Point presentation that is stale? Got the text but need interesting photos?

I can help you add copy right free images to the slides!

Benefits of my service:

  • Gives your viewer something to hold their interest.
  • Uses a "less is more" approach. The "meat" of your presentation should be your material, not the bells and whistles.
  • My service maintains consistency across the entire presentation.
  • You get to spend time on what you do to earn money, not being frustrated with Power Point!

What is included

  • To your existing Power Point presentation, I will...
  • - add copy right free images
  • - build simple transitions for those images
  • - fee is for an existing Power Point presentation for up to 15 slides
  • - I will need your Power Point presentation as well as a description of the type of image you want
  • - If you already have images you wish to use, but need them inserted and transitions built, I can also do that.
  • I am happy to send you an example of my work. Just message me in TaskArmy.

What is not included

  • Proof reading
  • Adding copy, text, materials
  • *Those services available, please see my profile.

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Do you need an awesome new administrative assistant? I have almost 16 years experience running my own business with my husband. Before that, I was employed full time as an administrative assistant. I receive compliments frequently about how quickly and easily I complete administrative tasks. I also have excellent communication skills, writing skills as well as light bookkeeping skills. Born and raised in the middle of the USA, I have a professional telephone voice with no accent that is perfect for blending in. In short, I believe that I would make an excellent Virtual Assistant for your company!

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