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Summary The SEO Audit is a comprehensive review of all online content that refers to your brand. From your website, to blogs and even online directories, there are many places to look.

Preparation To start we need a few things from the client in order to see how effective the current SEO efforts are.

  1. What are your goals with online marketing? Name recognition, recognized expert in field, establish a personal connection, direct sales, and/or others.
  2. What is the link to your website?
  3. What keywords or search terms do you want to be found for?
  4. Who are you trying to attract to your site, and what would you like them to do?

Audit Process To begin, I review your website for all the basic SEO settings and content types. I reverse engineer your site and evaluate it for the results you want. I’ll then conduct the same evaluation of all the places that connect to your website; from blogs to social media.

Throughout the process I do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. From this, you can see what is working well, what works against you, and what you can do to improve your online marketing efforts.

Audit Report The report is the culmination of the review findings as well as some action steps you can take in the short term to make a difference in your SEO. These might include how you work with your social media, corrections to a web page, or the addition of some SEO plugins on your website.

Also included are long term action steps that you can undertake or have someone start doing for you. You might benefit from starting a mailing list for a newsletter. Paying for some great blog content might be a good choice, or even starting an AdWords campaign.


What is included

  • Complete Website Analysis & Improvement Suggestions in:
  • Plugins You Should Add
  • Content Change Suggestions
  • Search Results
  • Authority (both on-site and through backlinks)
  • Social Media Analysis with Improvement Suggestions in:
  • Engagement
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Post Content & Frequency
  • Addons & Companion Sites

What is not included

  • I will not perform any SEO work for you.
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My varied skill set is from having my own computer services business. I've had to adopt many different skills to be successful. First I learned much of what I know because I couldn't afford for someone else to do it. Later, I needed to learn more in-depth details so I knew how to relate with the people that I hired to do the work. I do my own writing, images, web development, and much more. I have studied many contemporary marketing strategies for different kinds of business, both for myself and others. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing (MailChimp), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), are just a few of the methods I've found success with. I have supported professional services firms, trainers & coaches, authors, and retailers. I'm now diversifying my income, so I'm sharing some of these skills here. I very much enjoy marketing, it's something I'm good at and I have done well. Helping others achieve their marketing goals is something that appeals to me. - Technology Consulting & Purchasing 25+ years - Web Development & SEO 10 years - Sharepoint Development 10 years - Graphic Design 5 years I have self-managed several development projects including Websites, SharePoint, and several Active Directory, Exchange and SQL server migrations. In larger client infrastructures I've managed a team to do these same projects. As a IT Services business owner I purchase over $50,000 in technology inventory annually and can provide advice on features, manufacturers and price on a number of different items including desktops, laptops, networking devices and servers. For all my clients I can provide business continuity plans to safeguard the survival of businesses. Identifying weaknesses, managing resources, and creating contingency plans for minimal operational interruptions. My style is practical, measured, and researched.

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