I will ghostwrite novellas based on your instructions for $0.01 per word for $100

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If hired for the job, I will provide you with quality, original, proofread content within five days for each 10,000 words. All you need to do it name your preferred genre, as well as give me your instructions about any themes you'd like to see covered or avoided in the novella (such as, say, the basic premise of the story, levels or erotic content, any messages/morals the story should cover, and so on).

Romance is the genre I have the most experience with, but I can branch out if needed.

What is included

  • Along with the actual product, if asked, I will present you with a free 2,000-word sample of my work in your specified genre so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not I fit your needs.
  • Any corrections that may need to be done in order to make the final product exactly as you want it to be will be done by me as per your instructions and free of charge.

What is not included

  • I avoid the "Rape as Drama" trope as much as humanly possible, but if anything sexual happens to any characters without their consent, it will ALWAYS be presented as an extremely bad thing and all wrong-doers will be punished for it by the end of the story. Same goes for other "dark romance" themes, such as incest, slavery, or paedophilia.

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I grew up Serbian-English bilingual, and have been both burning through the pages of pretty much any book I could get my hands on and writing stories and poems ever since I learned how to read and write. It's something I've always been very passionate about, and I've entered God knows how many writing contests over the years - and ranked in the top five in many of them. Writing are something I both love and do very well, and it is my greatest desire to make it into my full-time career. I have lots of free time that I can dedicate to your project, I'm rather non-discriminatory when it comes to topics, I'm adaptable, easy to work with, I will provide you with quality, original content, reply my mail promptly, and strictly adhere to my NDAs (which is why I cannot cite literally any of the work I've done for the past year since I've began supplementing my income with freelance ghostwriting). I've been steadily writing three short books a month for close to a year now (from 15,000 to 25,000 words), usually of the paranormal, historical, and contemporary romance genre, both adult and young adult. I'm equally comfortable and more than creative enough to write both clean and erotic romance, and happy to branch out into any other genre. So far, my clients have paid me $0.01 per word, but I have no issues with being paid per hour if that's what you feel more comfortable with. As long as the price we agree on is fair in comparison to the amount of work necessary, I'll be happy. Also, I take research very seriously. All my shape-shifters obey the Law of Conservation of Mass (or have logical explanations for circumventing it), my Regency heroines won't waltz if the novel is set before Lady Lieven's (in)famous dance with Lord Palmerston, my Knights of the Round Table won't wear plate-and-mail armour, and my Russian mobsters will have all the identifying tattoos their real-life counterparts have. In this day and age, when so much information is so accessible, there's really no excuse for being lazy about acquiring it. In short - I'm good at what I do and I charge more than reasonable prices. Hell, I'll even provide you with a sample up to 2000 words, free of charge, and if you don't think what I wrote is what you need, feel free to seek someone who suits your needs better (though some constructive feedback beforehand would be much appreciated - it will help me improve my skills). So give me a chance. You've got nothing to lose :)

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