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Writing book summaries can be a bit daunting, but I enjoy weaving words together to paint a story and hook readers. I will write a maximum of 100 word summary of your book.

Please send me the following:

  1. Fiction/Memoir
  1. Name of Protagonist
  2. Goal of the Protagonist
  3. Conflict that stops protagonist from fulfilling her goal
  4. Theme of the book
  5. Resolution
  6. Genre


  1. Subject matter and objective of the book.

What is included

  • 100 word book summary

What is not included

  • Reading the book. There is a separate charge for a reading fee.

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I am a bestselling and award-winning author, event planner and entrepreneur. I love reading books, watching movies, shopping, trying different dishes, traveling, island hopping and chocolate. My services include writing product descriptions, book summaries, letters, blogs, providing critiques and editing.

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