I will be your Virtual Office Assistant (provide remote help with your basic office needs) for $8 per hour

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As your Virtual Office Assistant, I will remotely provide you with quality and timely help with your office or business needs.

What is included

  • * Research & Data Entry
  • * Word Processing
  • * Document Formatting & Cleanup
  • * Document Conversion
  • * Proofreading & Copy Editing
  • * Content Writing
  • * Blog Posting
  • * WordPress Site Setup & Maintenance
  • * Social Media Account Setup
  • * Social Media Management

What is not included

  • With all my services, I do what it takes to make my clients happy.
Kelli Salmon

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I’m Kelli, and I want to be your Virtual Assistant. Let me tell you why you should hire me. Like NOW. I am betting that since you are reading this you’re either a business owner or the head of a non-profit group or service agency. And you’re had enough. You’re overwhelmed with daily office tasks or other side projects. You’re frustrated because you feel like you spend all your time doing these little things and not concentrating or your bottom line or your mission. And let’s not get started on the precious time you’re probably missing with your friends and family. You are searching for help, for a partner to help you get things done. That’s where I come in. As your Virtual Assistant I can take care of all that office ‘grunt work’ off your hands so you can do your job and get your life back. Here are just some of the services I provide: Research & Data Entry Typing & Transcription Travel Arrangements Setting Appointments Marketing & Social Media WordPress Websites (setup, development & maintenance) Blog Posts & Content Writing Need help with something that’s not listed? Bring it–I’m a super quick learner and I’m always up for developing a new skill. I can work for you weekdays before 8:00 am and after 5:00 pm (ET) and I can also work on weekends. And with an hourly rate of only $10/hour, I can also help with that bottom line of yours. Plus, I’m just a darned fun person to work with! Sooooo….why not go ahead and just hire me already? What do you have to lose except things like money, sleep, time with your friends and family and a little more hair maybe?

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