I will do proofreading, admin assistant, data entry, manage e-mails, set up travel, manage calendars and or social media accounts for $12 per hour

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I have a very positive attitude. Very friendly and I work great with others. I will ALWAYS provide my best and make sure that I exceed at getting everything done correctly to make sure I meet my clients expectations. I will not half-ass any of the tasks given to me; and will spend as many hours as needed to make sure all of my work is done. I am a great multi-tasker if I am given more than one task at a time. However, I am still human and have my limitations, but i believe I will grow and only perfect my capabilities with working with each client.


  • computer savvy ( Microsoft, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
  • Background in customer service


  • Hard-working
  • time management/ flexible with hours
  • Honest and Trustworthy
  • Communicative- I make sure that the client and I have a great means have all the clarity thats needed. Whether I have questions or the client, or just keeping in touch to see how progress is doing.

What is included

  • Hard worker who will make sure everything is done exactly the way the client wants, unless input is asked.
  • Prompt and precise with the work effort
  • My undivided attention

What is not included

  • conversation that is irrelevant to business
  • running errands if you are not in my area.
Taylor Denise

I am honest and trustworthy. I always have a positive attitude and put my personality in everything. I try and always go above and beyond to make sure I exceed at all tasks given. I am willing to work whatever hours as many hours as it takes to make sure everything is done correctly, excellent, and just as you like.

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