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There are situations where you must have a certain type of document for legal reasons. Some of these have to be prepared in a certain way. I will write any of the following legal documents depending on what you need me to write:

✓ Independent Contractors Agreement

✓ Memorandum of agreement

✓ Real Estate Purchase Agreement

✓ Sales Agreement

✓ Purchase Agreement

✓ Non-Disclosure Agreements

✓ Employment Contract

✓ Lease Agreements

✓ Website Design Contracts

✓ Shareholders Agreement

✓ Non-Circumvention Agreement

✓ Investment Contract

✓ Partnership Agreements

✓ Legal letters

✓ Terms and conditions

✓ Power of attorney

✓ Privacy policy and disclaimer page

I guarantee my esteemed buyers the highest standards of professionalism and competence in my services. Please ask for a quote before you purchase. Legal consults are free with every purchase!

What is included

  • You will receive a fully drafted agreement or contract from scratch
  • I need information regarding the nature of the agreement,details of the parties to the agreement and the important clauses you want to be captured in the agreement. I work out the rest of the provisions based on my industry experience to deliver and wholly encompassing document.

What is not included

  • Template

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When you ask ‘help me essay writer, my grades are falling!’ I always offer services that push up your grades and lead you to academic success. I can write in any field generally, essays, dissertations, research papers, academic projects and assignments. I am always at your service 24/7.

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