I will record lead or rhythm guitar tracks to your song for $10

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Hi! I'm a guitarist offering my services as a session musician, I'm looking forward to work with you and play the best guitar parts on your songs.

I can play many different styles and provide a wide array of electric and acoustic tones to suit your needs. I have many guitars including Strats, Les Pauls, Ibanez, Ovation, Taylor, etc. My rig includes pedals from full tone, tc electronic, mar, voodoo labs, etc. and can record using my all tube mesa boogie amp or using digital modelling (bias, amplitube, guitar rig, etc).

You can hear some of my work in www.soundcloud.com/parra_guitar www.youtube.com/c/FreddyParra1980

The basic gig includes one guitar track (rhythm or lead) in wav/aiff format with one free revision, just send me the song and I'll get to work right away. If you want rhythm track and a guitar solo order two gigs.

Please contact me before ordering so we can sort out all the details and work smoothly.

What is included

  • The basic gig includes high quality wav, wma and mp3 files of the parts I'll record and one free revision.

What is not included

  • Mixing my parts to your song, writing sheet music, chord sheets or tabs of the parts. filming my parts on video, if you want some of that please contact me.
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I'm a professional musician with 15+ years of experience playing live with many different artists and doing a lot of session work. I play electric and acoustic guitar in a variety of styles (rock, blues, metal, pop, latin, r&b, etc.) I'm looking forward to work with you!

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