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Professional proofreading:

I am a native-speaking English teacher in the UK and have a degree in literature as well as an enormous breadth of proofreading and editing experience.

I will check your writing for accuracy of spelling and grammar, and adjust accordingly.

Proofing can be done in British or American English - please state your preference.

Quick turnaround:

I am currently able to complete orders within 24 hours.

Most common errors:

Can you spot the two grammatical errors in the following passage?

The firefighter sighed with despair, this was the second cat that had got stuck in a tree today. Being a particularly grumpy-looking feline, the firefighter knew she would not receive many thanks for the rescue.

Dangling participles and comma splices (both appearing in the passage above) are two of the most common errors I come across in proofreading. Although they are hard to spot, such errors can inhibit the professional sense of a text. My service will eradicate these and other flaws from your writing.


What is included

  • Checking of spelling and grammatical accuracy; amendment of your document wherever errors are found.

What is not included

  • No stylistic changes are made. I will only change content so as to preserve technical accuracy.

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I am a native-speaking English teacher in the UK, a part-time writer and full-time dog lover. I have rich experience with the written word - some of my short stories have been published and I perform proofreading and editing tasks to a professional standard on a daily basis. Before becoming an English teacher for 11 to 18 year old students in England, I taught English as a foreign language in countries including Azerbaijan and Palestine. My training and experience in this field gave me an excellent technical knowledge of English grammar, which helps make me very effective as an accurate writer and proofreader.

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