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Guaranteed airplay (minimum 5 times a day) to your one music track/song for 25$/month on a top LICENSED radio station which spins pay royalties and are counted for the charts!... All genres are accepted as long as the main artist owns the main track and the version should be clean (no explicit or offensive lyrics)... Please send us a high quality mp3 as well as the names of the artist and the song written clearly. In the delivery, we will send you a screenshot proof of the existence of the track on the station's airplay as well as the link of the radio to listen... Hurry up and order now before the price increases soon!!!

What is included

  • Guaranteed Plays of your track minimum 5 times a day...

What is not included

  • N/A

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We are a top expert group in music promotion. We offer the best services for very affordable prices. Please read the gig description carefully before ordering! Welcome aboard :)

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