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If you are a company in search of touching and inspiring poems to add to your website, then feel free to contact me! If you are looking for poems that center around your business and help promote your brand, then I can write poems that represent what your business is about! Also, if you have an independent website and simply want thought-provoking and welcoming poems on your front page I can also lend my services!

What is included

  • -Word length of poems will vary. I can write poems of anywhere from 100 to 500 words.
  • -Reasonably quick delivery time. Within 3 days maximum per poem.
  • -Poems that discuss various topics, such as business topics, self-help, motivational, spiritual, specific themes related to your company (example: birthday catering services), and comedy.
  • -Poems that are family friendly and clean.
  • -At least 50/50 credit split between myself and the client.

What is not included

  • -I can't become an official social media promoter of these poems. I'm not a social media expert.
  • -I can't write poems containing more than 500 words.
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