I will I will build a complete auto managed online store for $25

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Requirements: You need a web hosting account A registered domain of your choice

How Does This Work?

You will give me the required info! I will create an e-commerce website with professional design and minor on page SEO. I will add products in the e-commerce store based on the keywords or categories you give to me. The site would also have a blog and ad spaces for your use All the products added in the store are linked with your affiliate ID. You would earn $10-$100+ per sale depending on what was purchased. Your products will be indexed in Google. So you would get free traffic from long tail keywords. People visiting your website are actually looking for a particular product to buy so there is higher chance of making a sale. At least 5 sales a month without doing anything! Completely passive and autopilot earning from organic traffic.

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What is included

  • A fully SEO optimized online store that would be stocked with any products of your choice, feel free to ask for recommendations and tips.

What is not included

  • A web hosting and domain is not included , you would need to provide your own domain and webhost , feel free to ask for suggestions

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I'm an experienced affiliate marketer and web developer I specialize in the development of affiliate webstores and SEO related to it . Feel free to contact me for tips

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