I will perform data entry and data analysis work for $7 per hour

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I have experience in developing and maintaining MIS (Management Information System). Data analysis was part of my job. Collecting, organizing and analysing the data and presenting to the management was my primary job. Developed and implemented various productive tools (Dashboards etc.,) using Macros and VBA in MS Excel.

I possess typing skills with ~30 to 35 wpm.

With regards Pradeep.H

What is included

  • Data entry, Data analysis, Data visualization (Metrics, Graphs etc.,) in MS office suite.

What is not included

  • Wringing codes SQL, Oracle for pulling data.

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Hi I am Pradeep.H. I am interested in working as freelancer, My love to play with data. Currently I work in the IT industry where my job is developing and maintaining MIS (Management Information System). I have developed many productive tools using Macros and VBA in MS Excel, which was very well appreciated by management, which helped the management to making decision.

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