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Need a fast and cheap service for 3D architectural visualization and yet deliver high quality result? Look no further. Me and my team provide professional looking 3D renderings complete with sophisticated image retouching for architectural projects. Perfect solution for you -property marketers- who need beautiful graphics to help increase the sales. Or if you are a freelance architects or own an architectural firm, with our quality works we will help you close more deals. We’re experienced professionals as we’ve doing this for over almost 20 years now. To check more of our works please visit: expose3d.com/gallery

What type of 3D architectural renderings do we provide?

Basically everything that you need for architectural images, we can provide them. Here is the list of works with estimated time completion based on our (almost 20 years) experience:

House modern => ± 15 hours House classic => ± 24 hours Building (2-5 story) => ± 25 hours High-rise (>5 story) => ± 30 hours Interior room modern => ± 20 hours Interior room classic => ± 25 hours Aerial / region / birds-eye view => ± 50 hours 3D floor plan => ± 12 hours 3D site plan => ± 20 hours Furniture-only modeling modern => ± 12 hours Furniture-only modeling classic => ± 15 hours

*Please note that these are just estimation. Every project will be different.

What do we need from you to get to work?

We will need reference files from your side such as:

  • SketchUp files
  • Autocad DWG files
  • Other reference files like: .PDF, .JPG etc.

What is included

  • - High resolution plain 3D rendering image
  • - High resolution image retouched 3D rendering
  • - Both in resolution of full-HD+. At maximum: 2000 x 2000 pixels, in PNG format
  • - If you need >2000 pixels resolution. Rendering time will charged hourly
  • - 3D models of the architectural objects (if required) in OBJ format
  • - No revision limit! As any work we do will be charge hourly.

What is not included

  • - Architectural design service from scratch (you need to provide the design your self)
  • - Autocad technical 2D drawings
  • - Draft budget document
  • - 3D animation
  • - 3D scene file (except only 3D model as mentioned above)
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I am an entrepreneur and lecturer in computer graphics. I've been creating 3D images, digital illustrations, games and animations for over 20 years now. I have a solid team and system which allow us to finish jobs effectively and efficiently.

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