I will help with a broad range of issues from a corrupt file to a virus infected PC for $10 per hour

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I will assist you with many issues. Is your computer not running as fast as it did before? Do you have virus's such as Malware,Spyware or Ransomware. Do you need Virus protection? Do you want your children to be able to surf the internet safely? Or do you want to be online and know your protected? I can solve many of these issues and much more.

What is included

  • Evaluation
  • Security Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • How to guides

What is not included

  • Operating system install ( Due to the fact that it has to be done in person and every case is different)
  • Providing Free Paid Software *Except free trials
Shawn Norton

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Do you have computer issues that you seem to not be able to find a fix for, or you do not feel comfortable tackling the task yourself? Well thats what I am here for. I specialize in Virus removal and protection, Networking and Security, General day to day issues, and a broad range of other things. I have built computers from the age of 10 and I am always looking to fix any issue there is, I don't ever give up and if I do well you have my guarentee that if I don't fix it you pay nothing.

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