I will create you file sharing and cloud storage site like dropbox or google drive for $160

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Most of us use services like Gmail, Feedly, and Instapaper to get through the day—but that means giving up privacy to others.

It's about keeping your data private. In others, it's about having complete control.

I will create you a file sharing and cloud storage website with powerful admin panel .It will have an impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses current industry leaders such as dropbox or google drive.

You will need a unlimited space and bandwith of hosting account. And i will use Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server with to make them.

What is included

  • Access from anywhere.
  • Share large files and folders with family, friends and colleagues through social media.
  • Setup public direct links so anyone can access the content.
  • Create a secure private share that only authorized people are allowed to access them.
  • Have your own branding and identity.
  • By providing direct access to your files on your computer, you can rest assured that your data stays with you, providing complete privacy and control.
  • Earn money providing storage to other users.

What is not included

  • Domain
  • Hosting

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Hello , This is Rohan . Freelancing is my passion . I love to work with my own creativity and help people understand. The I have worked with several agencies as a web developer and now focusing on freelancing . Services I provide are as follows: 1. Web designing & developing 2. Android App building (specially chat ,dating and simple game apps) 3. Penetration testing 4.Cyber security 5.Networking 6. SEO and more 7.Affiliate Marketing If you need any kind of help ,please feel free to contact me . Thank you Also check out my affiliate store http://storeaffiliate.xyz/

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