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DreamSoft4u Pvt. Ltd is among the IT companies, which have established a unique position in the Global healthcare IT sector. Through its innovative, interactive, and result-oriented approach, company has delivered dozens of products that are well above the industry standards. In a span of 10 years, DreamSoft4u has remarkably enriched its healthcare portfolio with a long list of satisfied clientele, which is definitely something DreamSoft4u is proud of. DreamSoft4u provides Claims Administrations System, Provider Networking and Credentialing System, Electronic medical Record (EMR), X12 EDI and HIPAA Transaction, Laboratory Integration using HL 7 2.3 Messaging, Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Document Generation, and many other services. Company had already services hundreds of client with its unique and high quality services, which have benefited our clients and helped the company in better understanding the essential requirements of IT in the field of healthcare.

What is included

  • Our Value Propositions in Healthcare Sector
  • DreamSoft4u provides a wide array of service and solutions in the healthcare sector to reduce their operational costs, and increase their efficiency and effectiveness towards their core business activities, by integrating various departments and functions, which smoothens the flow of information. Company is currently providing various HIPAA Compliant solutions ranging from EMR, EDI, EDI Billing, HL7, Benefit and Eligibility Management, EMR solutions; help different clients to meet their CCHIT certification Criteria.
  • Company provides solutions that assist healthcare facilities in managing their day to day activities, including all the administrative staff activities, patient details, billing details, laboratory integration, billing integrations, and HIPAA transaction processing. These solutions smoothens the document processing within a facility. DreamSoft4u provides solutions that help the healthcare personnel, doctors in managing EMRs, processing documents, and other services, such as document mapping, CPT mapping, and conversion of medical terminology codes from ICD 9 to ICD 10, and vice versa.
  • Business Benefits:
  • Our understanding of the industry helps us in providing following key benefits to our client:
  • High ROI for your IT investments in healthcare
  • Streamline the documentation process within a firm, and thus improves the overall operational effectiveness
  • Reducing the dependency on human interference, thus mitigating the risk of human errors
  • To remain updated with the latest technology and terminologies related to Healthcare IT (HIT).

What is not included

  • Any 3rd Party Paid Services Not Included
DreamSoft4u Private Limited

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DreamSoft4u is an IT consulting and solutions provider for enterprises and startups globally. We do have more than 12 years of extensive experience in IT industry including technology and industry domains. We work with our customers; mostly the enterprises and startups to support them to grow their business and turn them into successful and high performance organizations.

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