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LaTeX (pronounced Lay-tech), is a formatting tool often used by many to create clean and beautiful PDF documents. It is especially useful for research articles, assignments, or historical reports. This service aims at either creating an article or formatting (and proofreading), an already written one. Samples of my work may be found below.

  1. A Google Summer of Code Proposal (rejected, sadly) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwCVJYBsGOR2M0dUWmNOMTA2MW8
  2. A Magnetic Levitation Metaresearch Document (written for a senior) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwCVJYBsGOR2eFVDeTVfMk5SVmM

What is included

  • One formatted LaTeX pdf document, of upto four pages, with the title. (Unless the title is on a seperate page, in which case it will not count towards the page total). I will freely edit and proofread a number of times until you are completely satisfied.
  • The .tex document will also be included, should you need to edit it in the future, and anybody who knows LaTex will be able to edit the document.

What is not included

  • I will not proofread logical errors in your article, (though of course I will in mine!). No article will exceed four pages. I will not write blatantly racist articles, or those aimed at spreading propagand
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Hi. My name's Barun Parruck, and I'm a writer/programmer/gamer/thingummajig person who is a complete fantasy addict, from the Foundation series by Asimov, to the Wheel of Time, by Jordan. I'm not too fast at getting things done, but I try to be as thorough and professional as possible in my work, and aim to please!

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