I will proofread and edit up to 2,000 words within 24 hours for $30

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I offer a superior service and attention to detail, with an efficient turnaround time. I want to make words work powerfully for your purpose.

Accuracy and efficiency are important to me. I take pride in my work so you can take pride in yours.

It is vital that the words you use accurately convey the meaning you intend. I want to support your professional reputation by providing high-quality work. I work efficiently to ensure that I help you in a timely manner. I appreciate that I am a link in the chain of your work, so it is important that I connect well with you. This means I will communicate with you and complete the work for you on time.

I have long enjoyed writing, academically and creatively, for a serious audience and for prospective buyers. I write short and long articles, blogs for fun and education, resumes and letters, academic essays for university.

Words are powerful when put well for the audience and the purpose. Reading is like breathing to me, which helps me with writing well.

I have studied post-graduate papers at universities and I teach English literature and language at high school. I specialised in Latin and Greek at university, so I understand intuitively the importance of correct grammar and syntax. I know the value of vocabulary.

I welcome the opportunity to work for you in achieving your purpose for your audience.

What is included

  • I will proofread your document (up to 2,000 words) within 24 hours.
  • When you send me the document, I will proofread it carefully, looking specifically for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Then I will edit your document.
  • I will fix errors so that your document is grammatically correct with words spelt according to the rules of the language you have specified (US or UK English).
  • I will improve the flow of your writing so its meaning is clearer and it makes better sense.
  • I will send you the corrected document with a copy which shows the changes I have made.

What is not included

  • I will not proofread and edit more than 2,000 words unless you have arranged this with me.
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Hey there, I am Rufansa, a certified graphic designer at Ingenious Folks. I have professional expertise in the fields of web designing and providing business solutions. My skillset includes :- ◘ Web Designing & Development ◘ Print Media ◘ Branding ◘ Re-branding ◘ Strategy Planning ◘ Social Media Marketing ◘ Online marketing ◘ SEO ◘ Video & Motion Graphics ◘ Mobile App Development So whether you’re a veteran, a newbie, or your brand needs a reboot, I’ll help you get exactly what you want. Ping me at:- hireus.ingeniousfolks@gmail.com

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