I will clean malwares,virus and malicious codes from your website for $15 per hour

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Is your site hacked or low protected ? You are at the right place.

I will remove malware, malicious code and secure your site from hackers & malware attacks and i will give tips to keep secure your website in future from such kind of attacks and will update u with more detail

Everyday lots of blogs are hacked and often the owners are unaware until informed by a customer or Google.

Why choose my services?

I keep up to date with my skills and all the work I do is backed with my expert knowledge I have helped protect over 25 sites already. WordPress security services can be expensive, but I am an expert and can help you. I will remove malware from your server & Add Extra security. I can help with iframe hacks, JavaScript hacks, base64 hacks

What is included

  • The package includes :
  • Reinstall of WordPress core and
  • Removal of suspicious external scripts.
  • Add security
  • Remove any threats comes in my threat scanning

What is not included

  • NOTE: Please note that every site from which I remove malware and no matter how better the site security can be, there is very much possibility that it can be hacked again, Hackers also find new new ways to get infect sites. Even a plugin or theme that you install can infect the site. So after my work, you must change your all passwords etc, If your site is ever hacked again, please don't blame me or say that I had it secured how it can be hacked, I will not be responsible for that.
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Hello , This is Rohan . Freelancing is my passion . I love to work with my own creativity and help people understand. The I have worked with several agencies as a web developer and now focusing on freelancing . Services I provide are as follows: 1. Web designing & developing 2. Android App building (specially chat ,dating and simple game apps) 3. Penetration testing 4.Cyber security 5.Networking 6. SEO and more 7.Affiliate Marketing If you need any kind of help ,please feel free to contact me . Thank you Also check out my affiliate store http://storeaffiliate.xyz/

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