I will offer my services in line with data entry and web research. I am proficient in MS office as I am working as an engineer in the IT industry for $7 per hour

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This service includes gathering the required data from various sources(if needed), performing quality check on them and storing them in your desired location.

It also includes creating a database for your data, so that data entry is simplified.

To sum it up everything related to Data Management and Data Entry will be taken care of. Additionally, I can also do online research, transcribing, creative writing.

What is included

  • I can do the following work for my clients:
  • 1. Researching about companies and finding the relevant information.
  • 2. Build database and generate leads specifically for marketing.
  • 3. Data entry using applications/software.
  • 4. Data entry for E-commerce websites.
  • 5 Word processing.
  • 6. Cleaning-up Excel Spreadsheet (merged cells, separate, and reconciling of data entries)
  • 7. Administrative support
  • 8. Mailing list development, Bulk mailing
  • 9. Conversion of files from-to different formats
  • 10. Other tasks related to online research and data entry.

What is not included

  • Online Marketing

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Hi, I am Vivek. Currently I work in the IT industry where my job is to manage Oil & Gas Data. This includes gathering the required data, performing quality check on them and archieving them. Working in this field has developed in me few other skills like Online Web Research, Transcribing, Creating Reports, etc. As I am in the field of Oil & Gas Data Management, I feel Data Entry and Data Management are my area of expertise. I have been working here for quite some time now, so I have the experience and knowledge to handle all your data.

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All good, many thanks, Vivek.


ADMIN APPROVAL: Customer did not respond. TaskArmy has checked that the work has been completed by Vivek.


Really nice to work with and did a good job in good time.

Leo J Notneb

Great work! Thank you.

Leo J Notneb

Hi Vivek Apologies. I'm travelling. I'll get back to you about the next portion of the work next week.

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