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I provide transcription and content creation services for several clients. I am looking to expand my client base and hopefully help others at the same time. I provide transcripts for quality audio. $25 for 30 minutes of audio, $50 per audio hour. This is cheaper than you'll find by any other professional transcript services. You are guaranteed a turn around time of three hours, assuming that the audio is clear, without background noise.

What is included

  • Included in this offer is 30 full minutes of audio transcribed into a word document using Times New Roman 12 point font. The set up is Speaker 1, Speaker 2, or Interviewer, Interviewee, depending on the clients request. The format of the transcript is neatly designed and easy to read with spaces between each speaker. Time stamps in brackets will be placed where there is inaudible words. You can expect 99% accuracy with crystal clear audio, and occasionally 100% accuracy. Please note all audio should have only English speakers, accents may vary.

What is not included

  • Not included in this offer is the position of translation. All audio must be in English.

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I am a dedicated and driven hardworking mother of three. I have freelanced for five years and counting. I began to freelance due to my middle child's condition, which required me to be mentally and physically present during times where a "boss" might not let me. My children come first, which is why I work towards making ends meet through freelancing. When it comes to my writing style, I can provide several tones to fit into what most clients need. I write in first, second, and third person, whichever is desired. I can provide large batches of 20 or a few articles at a time. I am very passionate about writing and do so in my spare time. I am currently working on a novel that is roughly around 20,000 words, with the intention of expanding it at least to 60,000. My transcription work is guaranteed to be 99% accurate, if the audio is clear. I never expect for it to be crystal clear, therefore I will give it a listen and then write the client with the information such as when to expect the return and my thoughts on accuracy. I look forward to working on Task Army, it is one of many that I have branched out to. I am constantly looking for work to fill in the blank spaces of my day. If you can help, I'd love to work with you.

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