I will provide copywriting for your website. (up to 1000 words) for $50

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I am a marketing executive, advisor, and copywriter. I have written copy for websites including: http://mediafusionapp.com/enterprise/ http://xonja.com/services/emotional-intelligence and many others. I am based in the United States and have tested as being within the top 10% globally for English grammar and syntax. I'll work with you and your web designer to write all of the copy for your website. I specialize in content that is clear, concise, and drives visitors to engage with your team. I am also quite good at writing content that will help you rank in organic searches online.

What is included

  • Website copywriting- 1000 words

What is not included

  • Visual Design
  • Programming
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I am a marketer and copywriter based in the United States. I currently work with clients around the world to develop and manage their marketing strategies and develop content for blogs, websites, and email campaigns. I specialize in developing specific marketing strategy and content based on your unique combination of product and market. I am proficient in traditional marketing disciplines such as market research and copywriting as well as more modern techniques such as SEO, conversion optimization, and digital advertising.

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