I will create 50 awesome inspirational image quotes with your LOGO and website for $10

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In this gig I will create for you 50 beautiful picture quotes that you can use on your social media. If you want I can add your LOGO to the images and I will do it for FREE! Also if you want I can add you WEBSITE or other URL to the images but the budget will increase with 5$. Why we love quotes? Because they express great truths through simplicity. They're called manifest motivational pictures with quotes, inspirational posters or simple images that inspire. If you want you can provide the picture and quotes or I can provide them for you. If you like this gig please don't forget to hit the Favorite button! And, if you found the gig valuable, don't forget to hit the favorite button! I look forward to helping you succeed. Thank you!

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Hello.Thank you for visiting my profile.I'm a person who take work seriously.I promise my customers that I'll respect their money and if I can’t make their order right, then I’ll give them a refund.I want to give you the best.Feel free to contact me with any form of request relating to my skills. I have competent in using: Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, Software used to edit digital images, Marketing online and other. I also have certifications in: computer operating skills and HR inspector. I am looking forward in working with anyone interested.

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