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I am a virtual assistant with years of experience. I offer many services such as research, data entry, expense tracking, document drafting and more. I am available usually 6-7 days a week.

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Amberle W

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My name is Amberle and I have been a personal and administrative assistant to various contractors for the past three years. I am competent using many different types of software. I deal with tasks in a timely and considerate manner, deal effectively with people of different backgrounds and attitudes, respond to concerns, resolve issues, effectively maintain and create records. My experience in this industry has enabled me to understand and manage administrative work with efficiency with minimum to no supervision. I have run the gamut of office and business tasks. I have worked with many start-ups and established businesses so am comfortable handling tasks at many levels of growth.

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Patrick S

thanks again

Patrick S

Very satisfied. Will work with again.

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