I will create an uniquely strategic Amazon affiliate income producing website for $50 per month

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You select the niche and I will do:

  • 1 - Keyword Search.
  • 2 - Identify Micro-niche Keywords.
  • 3 - Select Keyword Domain Name.
  • 4 - Set up this domain on my servers.
  • 5 - Create your automatic website.
  • 6 - Add "Buyer LOCK IN" feature - EXCLUSIVE!
  • 7 - Add traffic generator engine - EXCLUSIVE!
  • 8 - Add a Viral Traffic Virtual Assistant Team Dedicated to your website.
  • 9 - Provide IRON-CLAD 24/7 Live Monitoring Security for your Website including a FAST RESPONSE Anti-Hacking Team.

This site is "managed" and if you desire to resale, it must be sold through us 60/40 (you always maintain 60% ownership).

Monthly maintenance with updates.

Similar sites make their monthly fee within their first 30 days of launch!

This site is intended to make money steadily for you. If you want to make more money then purchase more of this service - one order = 1 site.

What is included

  • 1 - Keyword Search Results
  • 2 - Domain Name
  • 3 - Amazon Affiliate Site - Populated (60% Ownership) Resale authority is yours - you decide if and when!
  • 4 - Buyer "Lock In" Feature - Installed
  • 5 - Traffic Generator Acct. - Registration Url

What is not included

  • 100% Full Ownership of the Site
  • Any source code to proprietary systems
Rev. Dr. Gilberto R

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The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado: Prestoexperts.com/ EXPERT - Authorized Psychotherapist in New York State U.S.A., Memberships: International Association of Cognitive Mentor Therapists, International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc., Contribution to Fields: Founder of the Cognitive MentoringTM Methodology Courses Authored: Cognitive Mentoring Therapist Certification 1&2, Parent As Cognitive Mentor, Cognitive Parenting - A Dynamic Approach, Child Cognitive Mentor Certification, Pastoral Cognitive Mentor Therapist Certification 1&2, and many others found at: http://arithmetaiuniversity.org Seminars Authored: Natural Success Series w/DVD, Cognitive Parenting, Child Development - Behavior & Academic Improvement, New & Improved Education and others. Books Authored: Latest Book: Salvation Check-Up! Plus over 30 titles! Organizations: IPER, Arithmetai University, Cognitive Assistance Program, Rosado Marriage Maintenance Institute, Child Behavioral & Cognitive Development Institute, Macro-Psychoanalytical Laboratory & Cognitive Research Center, Employee Motivation Maintenance Institute, Compassion House, O.K.O.C., Cognitive Foundation Schools and others.

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