TaskArmy is free to register.

You will be prompted for an email, a password and a display name. The email will be used to identify yourself so we recommend you to use your current email. The display name is used when communicating with other TaskArmy users.

Click on any search result to display the details of any service you like. On the service page, click the order button.

If you wish to discuss with the freelancer before ordering, click the contact button in order to start a conversation. You can see all your conversations in your TaskArmy Inbox.

All transactions are made via PayPal to offer you better security and dispute management. On the PayPal website you will have the option to pay with your own PayPal account or you can choose to use a credit card.

Payments are held in escrow by TaskArmy. The funds are sent to the freelancer when the customer has confirmed that the task has been done.

When redirected to the PayPal website you will have the option to pay with your own paypal account or you can choose to use a credit card.

The best is to discuss and agree the number of hours with the freelancer. On the payment page, you can select how many hours you would like to purchase.

Recurring services must be purchased with a PayPal account.

Yes, you can cancel if the freelancer has not started yet. You will get a full refund.

Click on the support link in the menu, this will redirect you to our support center.

Remember that your freelancer might be in a different timezone and might not see your message for another 12 hours or so. It is also possible that your freelancer does not work on weekends or he might just be away for the day

You can decide to wait a little bit more or if the freelancer hasn't started work at all, you can cancel the assignment (there is a "Cancel" link on the order page). You will get a full refund. If the freelancer has completed the service partially before going silent, please contact us using the SUPPORT link in the menu and we will review the situation.

Glad you asked :)

From a customer perspective, with TaskArmy you don't have to go through the tedious process of submitting a project, filtering the candidates, interviewing the most promising ones, and picking up the one that will actually do the work.

We did the filtering work for you, all the services on TaskArmy have been manually approved.

It is as easy as going to the supermarket. Just come in and get someone to work for you, now.

You can reject the task and discuss with freelancer. Explain why you are not satisfied and give precise directions. Remember to stay courteous.

When you approve a task, you will see the review page. Only customers who buy services are able to leave reviews. That feedback is very helpful and will help other customers with their purchase and overtime it will enhance the quality of service.

You can first leave a message to your freelancer and discuss your needs. You might want to order just one hour at the beginning to check if you are happy with the results.

The services have all been approved manually by our team.


  1. Got to Upload your some identification documents, your profile photo and describe about yourself. (Don't forget to add your PayPal account. We can not pay you without it)

  2. Our team will review your application.

    Once approved, you will be able to create services. Each service will also be reviewed to ensure it meets TaskArmy's quality requirements.

  3. Describe your service as precisely as possible. You will need a quality image and you will have to opportunity to add your portfolio (very important of your offer design services).

When customers order one of your services, they will be required to pay for the service in advance. TaskArmy will keep funds until your service is delivered well and marked as approved by customers.

Yes. You can have many different services. Each service will reviewed by TaskArmy.

You can find the customer's messages in your TaskArmy inbox. It is recommended to communicate using the TaskArmy messaging system for safety reasons.

When a customer orders one of your services, you will be asked to accept or reject the order. You have 24 hours to accept the order, after that time the order may get cancelled by TaskArmy or your customers. Responding to orders quickly will increase your positive feedback.

You are required to use only TaskArmy's internal messaging system to pass material from and to your customer. TaskArmy will not be held responsible for any damage caused by infected files or any damage caused by the freelancer's actions.

The services recommended on the front page are hand picked by the TaskArmy team. We look at the following factors to decide whether a service should be on the front page:

  • Your service must already be popular
  • Your service must be unique when compared to the other recommended services
  • The description of the service must be well written

Partial refunds are not supported yet. Please contact support if you require any assistance.

Nofity your customer and cancel the service.

All services are approved manually by TaskArmy's team. This is usually done in 24h to 48h but it can sometimes take up to 7 days.

Follow this tips to get your services approved faster:

  • Be specific in your description. The customer should understand what service you will provide and for what price.
  • Be mindful of your english. Please review your spelling and grammar carefully before submitting your service for approval.
  • Make sure you have a nice profile service images. Be careful about the aspect ratio.

These services will not be approved:

  • Black Hat SEO, Purchasing likes or comments
  • Online Trading / Money Making Schemes
  • Adult services, etc...
For more information, check out our TOS page.


Why TaskArmy?

We help you outsource website related tasks.

  • Safe online payment
  • No bidding madness
  • Better quality

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