Thursday, October 18, 2012

Online freelancing is not a new development. Over the years it has grown in leaps and in bounds with many people from all works of life finding employment on the virtual marketplace. Now most businesses that patronize online outsourcing sites are small businesses or SMEs. And, many who offer their services on these sites have some level of formal education. It can even be said that a good number of these people have university or college degrees, but not an MBA.

However, finding a freelancer with an MBA if ever you need one is now easier with the existence of at least two online MBA outsourcing sites. And, with the way things are going the number of online outsourcing sites that will have MBAs as contractors will increase, whether it is with respect to already existing general outsourcing sites or newly created ones devoted to providing service relating to this master’s degree alone.

Bridging the gap

According to Dan Mullaney founder of; one of the sites providing MBAs with the opportunity to render their professional service, there is a gap that exists, which needs to be filled. The gap in question is created by the inability of businesses to connect or make use of an intellectual resource: the MBA students. To him students of the MBA program are almost never given any opportunity to shine and earn money unlike what obtains for many of their counterparts in other disciplines like law and medicine.

Regarding this, medical residents for instance can earn as much as $100 in an hour, while still learning how to become a doctor. Also, law students on the other hand do get their internships in summer, earning as much as $50,000 plus 90 hour-work weeks with no comparable opportunity for MBA students who are out of jobs for the purpose of earning this degree, but who would like to work in order to earn money and also prove themselves.

MBA outsourcing websites

As noted earlier there are at least two freelance websites through which MBAs can find work and get paid for rendering their professional service. This includes as well as Now these sites are similar in many ways to their fore-runners. That is traditional online freelance sites, which provide a platform for just about anyone with a skill.

Currently the afore-mentioned MBA freelance sites allow clients to post their jobs or projects for free. And, some of the services that MBAs can provide through these sites include: hours of financial modeling, development of an international competitor analysis among others.

How this works for MBAs

Getting a job today for any professional except for those in disciplines that are in hot demand is not as easy as it used to be. With some even blaming the recent financial crisis at the doorstep of business schools and MBA programs. Nevertheless, the emergence of freelance websites for MBAs will create an opportunity for these business school students to earn some income even while studying.

And this is something many of them seem to look forward to since attending business school can be quite expensive. As most of the MBA students are out of a job during this period. Consequently, the money earned on these sites should go a long way in helping them to offset bills or even pay part of their MBA tuition.

In conclusion

The existence of MBA online freelance sites is a great development. One that will not only allow MBAs the opportunity of earning money, but will also provide a platform for them to develop their skills as well as network with other MBA professionals.

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