Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I firmly believe that company needs a blog. It provides a way to engage to your site and brings more traffic to your website. Google likes blogs with content that is updated frequently. Blogs offer fresh new information and Google recognizes that by giving that content higher placement when users search for related topics. Aside from Google loving blogs, which is good for SEO, below are 6 reasons why a company should have a blog:

  • 1. A blog provides a low-cost, long-term venue to continuously bring your brand to life. It Builds an identifiable group for their audiences to connect with find their efforts enhanced by the desire to belong. It builds credibility and creates a readership of devotee.
  • 2. A blog provides an informative resource for anyone seeking information about you or an issue relating to your brand. When someone searches for something related to your brand, you want them to receive that information directly from you rather than an unauthorized, inaccurate and potentially from an adversarial third-party. If you don't have a blog, your reputation is at the mercy of others.
  • 3. Social media and blogs are the fastest growing category in lead generation, and they continue to be categorized as the lowest cost lead-generation channel.
  • 4. You can invite guests: clients, thought leaders and industry gurus to write guest articles. People like “PR” to show off their expertise.
  • 5. Readers can leave comments on your blog posts giving you valuable market intelligence and endorsement of your ideas.
  • 6. Visitors can subscribe to your blog. Just think a built-in audience for your articles, newsletters and surveys on important topics.

With all these good reasons, it makes you excited to start your own blog but on the back of your mind there’s this nagging question--- who should handle my company’s blog? If you have a big company, you would probably have a brand management team who handles your social media as well as your blog. However, when you’re a small company, it makes you wonder if the CEO should handle the blog.

As they say, the CEO does not have to be on twitter and facebook but if you have you have a business, then your business (no matter how small) should be on social networks including having a blog.

It’s really very difficult to start a blog especially if writing is not your forte. So if you don’t enjoy it and find it difficult, you might want consider outsourcing the content of your company’s blog. There are a lot of freelance writers or content writers that are available, but finding the right candidate could be a difficult process and sometimes risky.

Some points to consider when outsourcing your blog:

  • Know what you want for your blog. Talk to your potential writer and orient him or her on your potential clients and the direction that you want with your blog.
  • Get to know your potential writer, does he or she have the knowledge for the job, what’s the writing style like and will it fit your brand. More importantly, will you trust this person with the reputation of your brand or business?
  • Lastly, how much are you willing to pay? Remember that quality is not cheap.