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be your jack-of-all-trades virtual assistant

TaskArmy will be your jack-of-all-trades virtual assistant for $10/hour

99% recommend

I will help you with your mundane task so that you can concentrate in being the boss of your business.

I’ve been exposed to different online task like researching for bloggers on various niches, data entry, updating entries on wordpress site, blogspot, squidoo and the likes. Other task includes online research, link building, blog commenting, etc.

If you have other tasks in mind, please don’t hesitate to bring them up. Everything is open for discussion.

Check this blog post from the founder of TaskArmy if you are not sure what to outsource to a virtual assistant:

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  • Data entry
  • Data mining
  • Post your article on wordpress, blogspot, squidoo
  • Update social media account(s)
  • Answer emails in your behalf
  • Edit / Proofread articles
  • Link building

What is not included

  • Cold calling
  • Article writing

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be your jack-of-all-trades virtual assistant

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be your jack-of-all-trades virtual assistant
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This is the TaskArmy internal team. We offer services that haven't been offered by other freelancers yet but that we think are useful. The ultimate goal is of course to have all services offered by external freelancers. If you are a freelancer who can provide any of the services we list, please contact us and we might make you the defualt service provider for this service. Thanks!

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