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About us

Aymeric Well this page could be called "About me" actually. My name is Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli and I am the founder of TaskArmy.

I am a 28 years old French entrepreneur with a strong software developer background, based in Sydney (Australia).

Online outsourcing is hard

Why aren't you outsourcing more today?

Because outsourcing is usually associated with poor quality. It is hard to find a good service provider or it takes too much time to find one.

Another common issue is that when you outsource offshore, you are confronted with people of different cultural background, and with different ways of communicating that can cause problem when working with them.

Too many people today don’t even consider outsourcing because they think it is not worth it. It would take too much time to find someone, so they prefer to do it themselves.

Stop that! With TaskArmy, I want you to realize the benefits of outsourcing, and to reduce the gap between the moment you need something done by someone and the moment it is actually done. I want to actually make you enjoy outsourcing by removing whatever barriers you may have encountered when outsourcing.

We make outsourcing frictionless

Today TaskArmy focuses at fixing the outsourcing of tasks as opposed to projects. A task is “I need an icon done for my iPhone app”, a project is “I need an iPhone app”.

Because of that, we can put the focus on services rather than jobs. You need a new Wordpress website? Search for "wordpress" on TaskArmy and you will find all the Wordpress related services that freelancers can do for you at a fixed price. It is as easy as going to the supermarket.

We also screen the service providers before they can list their services on TaskArmy. Every single service you find on TaskArmy has been approved manually.

Having lower prices is not the priority on TaskArmy. We don’t encourage the freelancers to push their prices down, we banned the bidding system you see on all the outsourcing websites because it is an abomination.

Anyway, another way TaskArmy reduces that gap is by focusing on details. Every single notification you will get from TaskArmy, you will be able to reply to directly from your email client. This is big because it means that you are now working with your outsourced team members the same way as with your employees.

What's next?

There will always more to do on TaskArmy but I believe that it reached the point where the platform is mature enough for me to focus on educating businesses on how to leverage the online world and how outsourcing can help them achieve that.

I have also started hiring people to help me with ongoing development tasks, customer support, etc.

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