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Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We sincerely appreciate.

Frequent questions from buyers

I don't have a Paypal account, how can I buy a service?

You can also pay with your credit card.

The service provider doesn't answer, what should I do?

It happens that the service provider goes away for a long weekend.
You can decide to wait a little bit more or if the service provider hasn't worked at all, you can cancel the assignment (there is a "Cancel" link) and get a full refund.
If the service provider has completed the service partially before going silent, please contact us and we will review the situation.

Frequent questions from service providers

How can my service get featured on the front page of Task Army?

The services recommended on the front page are hand picked by the TaskArmy team.
We look at the following factors to decide whether a service should be on the front page:

  • Your service must already be popular
  • Your service must be unique when compared to the other recommended services
  • The description of the service must be well written
You can influence how popular a service is by promoting it outside of the Task Army website.

I have completed my work, where do I mark it as done?

If you have received less than five positive feedback, you cannot mark an assignment as done. You need to ask your client to mark it for you. Once you reach five positive feedback, you will see a "Mark as done" button.

I can't deliver my monthly service anymore, what should I do?

Contact us and we will try to find a service provider who is willing to deliver the same service. We would move your service to his/her account.

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